Animals, Art & Enchantment

I’m a professional artist, ceramic tile artist, writer and illustrator. My artwork focuses on my love of animals, and rabbits are my passion!

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Artwork inspired by intricate antique and vintage textiles, ethnic patterns and oriental chinoiserie pottery is my specialty. I love painting blue and white rabbit and other creatures on tile and canvas. And having spent many wonderful years in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment,” how could I resist creating whimsical, colorful interpretations of its amazing creatures and vistas? Coming soon – designs featuring animals of the Pacific Northwest, where I currently live.

I studied art at the University of Massachusetts, the University of Maine and the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. My artwork has been exhibited in many shows and galleries including the Hall of Governors in Santa Fe, NM; and it can be found in private homes and public venues worldwide.

As an author and illustrator, my books include “Who’s in the Moon?” (in English and bilingual versions), “Captain Jack Rabbit,” “River Stone Baby Birds,” and “Creating Your Own Yucca Pets,” all available on Amazon.com. My Amazon author page is: https://www.amazon.com/author/tuziwilliams

My Zazzle stores, Bonne Idee Art and Blue & White Designs, are perfect outlets for my work to be enjoyed by a worldwide audience. Here’s a taste of my products for sale:

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Can you tell I love blue?!

by Blue & White Designs by Tuzi Williams

Brown Bunny Rabbit & Birds Floral Tile Mural
by Bonne Idee Art * Tuzi Williams

by Bonne Idee Art * Tuzi Williams

Colored Tile with Style!

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Zazzle is the exclusive supplier and distributor for my artwork. As a Zazzle Bronze Level Pro Designer, I’m proud to partner with Zazzle to share my work.

Besides featuring my Zazzle stores, this website is a portfolio for my ceramic tile, crafts, books and painted artwork. Not all of my artwork is on Zazzle products for sale. But a lot of it is!

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Bonne Idee Art: https://www.zazzle.com/store/bonneideeart

Blue & White Designs: https://www.zazzle.com/store/blue_n_white

Please contact me about creating any special designs that may interest you. customtile@williamstile.net

All of my artwork is copyrighted.

Earth without art is just “eh.”


Tuzi Williams